Keeps you ahead in Automated Welding

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AWL has a history of almost 50 years. Our activities started back in the 1960s with construction work and special projects applying resistance welding techniques. In 1993 AWL-Techniek became an independent company and the company started to grow as a partner in the automotive and sheet metal processing industry. AWL Techniek specializes in delivering automated welding machines using resistance, arc and laser welding technologies, as well as the corresponding cold joining technologies.


AWL Techniek B.V. management buyout. Restart with 48 employees after bankruptcy of Aarding Weerstandslas BV.


Delivery of the first automated arc-welding equipment. Further developments of the engineering activities through setting up our own drawing office MechDes Engineering. From 1994 the projects for the automotive industry became a substantial part of the total operations.


Appreciable growth from arc-welding projects: 40% resistance welding and 60% in arc welding.


AWL-Techniek B.V. moved to its own newly-built premises in Harderwijk.


Substantial growth in turnover through the introduction of modular construction. Considerable savings on engineering costs per project through implementing standardized solutions. This process occurred simultaneously with the explosive growth of robotics.


Participation in the start-up of Rolan Robotics, supplier of robot systems for welding applications, machine loading and other applications.


The first steps into the world of laser welding. AWL-Techniek constructed the first laser welding machines in 2004. Simultaneously, the focus on mechanical engineering was increased and specialization in the wider equipment construction area was cut back.


Participation in the start-up of Vosteq Innovations, a partner in the development and realization of process innovation and production automation in the industrial manufacturing industry.


In addition to the intensive marketing exercises already being implemented in the German, Dutch and UK markets, it was in this year that the French and Spanish markets were entered.


Complete focus on the so-called head & tail organization, with the emphasis on supplying automated welding machines. The production activities focused on specials, modifications and servicing. Strong growth regarding control and robot software competencies. The software components of both the machine control and the robots was produced in-house. Peaks were achieved in cooperation with partners. Established an AWL branch in the Czech Republic. Goal: supporting the growth of activities in Central Europe. A strong outsourcing network has been established. Following intensive marketing activities a sales operation was started in Spain.


Participation in AFTP Advanced Filament Placement Technology, which specializes in welding reinforced thermoplastics. After market research going back over the previous years, the focus now lies on the Russian market. Delivery of the first machine in 2008. Furthermore, a strengthening of the supply to small customers by expanding the product range with low entry-level, low-cost welding machines.


Transformation from a product-oriented to market-oriented business philosophy. Selecting market segments, targeting and then asserting market position. AWL-Techniek - Keeps you ahead in Automated Welding. Management buy out of rolan robotics. Participation in the start-up of Auto Cell BV, an organization involved in the automation of mechanical operating processes, as used in value stream mapping for example.


Since 2002 AWL-Techniek has been actively engaged in the development of various laser welding machines and concepts. In 2009 this resulted in the development of the AWL Beam Switch Concept where a single laser source can be shared by two robots. This makes it possible to operate faster and more efficiently.


A strategic partnership was entered into with Nu-tech Engineering of Canada thereby forming a trans-Atlantic partner platform. Furthermore, the 750th robot was used in an AWL Techniek project. Opportunities were researched for realizing activities in China in order to guarantee global service for our customers.


Proved to be a top year. AWL-Techniek received its biggest order ever, and the workforce grew to more than 200. The quantity of orders also increased sharply. It has therefore been decided to build an extension so that there will be sufficient space for future growth. 2011 is the year in which laser welding achieved record levels and more than 60% of all machines are now fitted with a laser source. Managing Director Piet Mosterd has worked for the company for 40 years this year.


AWL-Techniek again broke all its records in 2012. For the 3rd year running, the company experienced a growth in turnover of more than 15%. That development did not go by unnoticed this year. AWL was nominated for various awards and even won the International Business Award of the FME and the Best Managed Company award of Deloitte. To give all AWL’s innovations an extra push an Official R&D department was set up. Furthermore, AWL’s Engineering department and MechDes moved to the new building at AWL’s premises.