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Piet Mosterd - Managing Director

"What a challenge it has been to spend your whole working life in mechanical engineering within the extensive field of joining technology! Developing and growing the business into a flourishing export company supplying the most demanding industrial sectors with its state-of-the-art welding machines, and being able to do that together with our motivated and well trained experts in all the different disciplines of the business, including technology and business operations – that’s what has given me the means and the energy to always look ahead and continue to inspire those around me."

Brand van ’t Hof - Technical Director

"My heart lies in the area of technology. It has always been so. At AWL I’m involved in it every single day and nothing gives me more pleasure than to see all these beautiful machines. From the initial concept, the design and the construction, AWL does everything. I feel really proud when I see all the people working hard each day just to make sure that our customers stay ahead. Really proud.”

Harald Lubbinge – Chief Operating Officer

“AWL is an innovative and dynamic organisation with challenging, strategic goals. Being responsible with my colleagues for aiming at operational excellence means that we are able to continually improve our products and raise customer satisfaction.”

Pierre Verwegen – Commercial Director

“My responsibility is to achieve sufficient, evenly distributed and profitable intake for AWL – both now and in the future. In my opinion this can only be achieved by having a distinctive value proposition, by which I mean that our customers can earn more money with an AWL system in comparison with our competitors. We have been successful in this respect over the past years. I’m proud that all our customers always pay all our invoices on time, and always come back to us for follow-up orders. This is the most important ‘driver’ for our growth.”

Moniek Nieuwenhuizen - Controller

“AWL is a professional and innovative organization. The Finance department achieves this through making continual improvements and optimizing processes, and also by raising levels of efficiency. That’s why, even as a relatively small team, we are able to support a growing organization and prove to be a Smart Reliable Partner. I’m really proud of that”.

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