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Growth & innovation

Research & Development at AWL is about crossing borders by open innovation. We want to provide our customers with state-of-the-art technologies in machines with excellent reliability. The R&D department cooperates closely with customers, institutes, universities and suppliers. This enables us to research and implement high-end technologies, application expertise and machine-integration knowledge. This expertise, together with the results of our own research projects, is rolled out in AWL as a continuous improvement process.

In the current R&D programme AWL concentrates on 5 areas of interest.

  1. The complete portfolio of welding cells or arc, resistance and laser-welding is being reviewed, updated and designed in line with modular-design principles.

  2. The development programme on machine controls optimizes standards, modular thinking and focus on re-use of proven software.

  3. AWL is focusing on advanced manufacturing technologies and welding processes. Programmes are being developed in laser welding and use of machine-vision techniques.

  4. Advanced robotics is another topic in the R&D programme. Robot accuracy related to laser welding is currently being researched. Future programmes will be improvement on work object measurement and software standardization.

AWL is working on open innovation in many ways, including participating in the European I-Ramp3 project, which develops techniques for enabling fast configuration and commissioning of production equipment. Close cooperation with suppliers to together identify and develop new technologies and opportunities is also of great importance from this point of view. By using open innovation we communicate our practical application experiences and those of our customers to our suppliers. This enables close cooperation in the further improvement of their products, to the benefit of themselves, us and our customers.



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