Keeps you ahead in Automated Welding

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Customer values

Our vision says it all: Keeps you ahead in Automated Welding.

This slogan creates value for our customers; it results in improved productivity and distinctiveness. We continuously involve ourselves with these two issues. What is the economic motivation? What are production standards? And how can we add value with our automated welding machines?

Improved productivity

With faster production cycles, higher uptimes, more flexible production and perfect integration with your logistics.


Improved returns, production automation and innovative joining technology. This all goes towards making your products more distinctive, either in the cost price or the product quality, e.g. weight and/or rigidity.

Our business development team is continually involved in analysing the economical aspects, being the determining factors in our customers’ production. This is how our colleagues retain a proper picture of the potential efficiency benefits for our customers. These lead to lower cost prices and a stronger competitive position. We are planning more pilot projects over the coming year to help improve the economic advantages even further.

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