Keeps you ahead in Automated Welding

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Mission and vision

AWL wants to give its customers the advantage by providing them with state-of-the-art welding machines; an advantage that manifests itself in attractive cost reductions and/or distinctiveness.

Our vision: AWL - Keeps you ahead in Automated Welding

AWL wants to be seen as a Smart Reliable Partner. Our organization is therefore focused on the results our customers achieve. These basic principles are deeply anchored in our vision.

Our mission: To be the Gloabal partner in Automated Welding

The main objective that AWL is striving for over the next few years concerns as much our basic principles as our sphere of activity and the market. AWL wants to be the principle global partner for its customers in the area of automated welding.

Over the coming years the strengthening of our global market position is AWL's most important objective. Our production facility in the Czech Republic has been expanded considerably and with the acquisition of the official business license, we are ready to do business in China. Our workshop over there is located in Wuxi,­125 km west from Shanghai.




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