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All our products are developed on the basis of years of experience, knowledge and development. We enjoy challenges which require us to find economically-viable solutions. Do you have a challenge for us? Concept Engineering, Project Engineering, Detail Engineering and Robot Simulation are all ready to help you!

AWL Concept engineering

Our concept engineers support our account managers and their customers by designing technical solutions and machine concepts.

'How can we make production as efficient as possible?' The answer to this question is the focus of replies we give our customers. By working creatively we are able to come up with a wide range of proven solutions and concepts for the benefit of our customers. This means that we always offer our customers fully elaborated solutions.


  • Product feasibility evaluations
  • Layout studies
  • Operator time studies
  • Machine/robot time studies
  • Logistical evaluations of the total concept
  • Risk evaluation

Project engineering

We employ an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to our engineering projects. This ensures excellent harmony between the mechanical and control designs. Using modern 3D engineering tools provides optimal insight into the design and makes excellent communications between the customers, suppliers and production departments possible.

All engineering data is administered in an advanced PDM system (Product Data Management). This type of environment is noted for its high level of automation where many routine activities are done automatically, including full lifecycle management of all the engineering documentation. There is maximum control of engineering and logistics thanks to the link with our ERP production control environment. Our engineering department is renowned for its high levels of quality, standardization capabilities and efficiency.

For example, we work with:

  • SolidWorks for 3D mechanical engineering
  • Ansys and Cosmos for FEM analysis
  • E-drawings for exchanging and assessing 3D designs – both internal and external.
  • Enovia Smarteam PDM for administering all engineering data.
  • Catia V5 for optimal exchange of 3D data with both customers and suppliers.
  • Robcad from Technomatix Siemens for robot simulation.
  • E-plan for electrical and pneumatic diagram engineering.
  • FMEA - Failure Method & Effects Analysis.

Robot simulation

Thanks to the virtual simulation of all robot applications, we are able to optimize the welding machine to a very high degree. The welding robots can therefore be used optimally thanks to previous evaluation of the process runs, range study, speeds, as well as interaction with other robots, etc. This is all done through intensive collaboration between robot simulation engineers, structural engineers and process engineers.

Our robot simulation is a powerful tool for simulating the whole application beforehand. The entire process is optimized and tested during the design phase. This avoids any unexpected surprises cropping up later on. If during or after project realization it appears that modifications still have to be carried out, robot simulation makes it possible to prepare the changes virtually and then implement them with the minimum of interference. AWL stands out from all the others thanks to its years of experience and expertise in optimizing processes using multiple robots on a single object.

With the advantage of Offline programming (OLP), lead times on the shop floor can be cut and higher levels of total process efficiency can be achieved. Competitive engineering reduces the lead time of projects because design engineering and robot simulation take place simultaneously.