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Project management

AWL's work is based on a number of fundamental principles. One of these principles concerns delivering what we promise – on time and within budget. We also believe in a project-oriented approach and have the knowledge and expertise to lead the project from beginning to end.

AWL's expertise goes further than technology alone: with our years of experience in the field of project management, we are able to take on projects, determine a clear path through the phases, and then complete them successfully and as rapidly as possible.

The projectmanager is responsible for the project and will organize a team of specialists based on the specific needs in the project. The project manager guides the project through all phases of the project, including a successful commissioning at customer location.

The project manager monitors the progress of the project with respect to content, organisation, finance, efficient workforce, taking necessary actions when deviations occur and will lead the communication both internal and external regarding all project related issues. Communication is key to optimal results.

The AWL methodology is pragmatic by nature and divided into a number of phases. Control and continuity are the basic principles of project management during implementation. Milestones will make the project more clear– thanks to the structured methodology, the customer and the internal specialists know exactly what is expected of them, and when. The project manager monitors the progress and understands the critical path – because controlling also means being able to look ahead!