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System integration

System integration at AWL is about combining, integrating and harmonising processes and components. This is based on your requirements and specifications, thereby creating a customised welding machine or production line. Naturally we take account of your product production standards, computer preferences, quality measurements, innovative welding processes, etc.

Our highly skilled employees in the electronics, mechanical engineering, robotics and control departments work closely together to create your own specific machine. The project management departments act as the glue for the entire project. They stay in close contact with you and ensure that everything is done on time and within budget. In order to achieve a high level of OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), it is important that your machine is extremely reliable. Integration of reliable components is therefore of paramount importance. AWL has designed tried-and-tested integration modules for this purpose, so that the components in question can be integrated as standard blocks.

AWL has a clear strategy. We do not only ensure that the machine and the jigs are of excellent quality, we also take responsibility for the entire process, from concept to detail engineering, and from building the machine, right through to commissioning on your premises.

AWL can meet all your requirements. AWL works closely with a number of suppliers, although we are not specifically linked to any single one and therefore remain independent.

Our machines are of the highest standard thanks to the intensive cooperation with our suppliers, which is clearly expressed in the approach to and testing of new equipment, as well as the joint development of Alpha & Beta application releases. The needs and wants of each customer are unique – therefore we can ensure that the system matches perfectly.

Customer specific
No two customers are the same – no two questions are the same and ultimately, no two products are the same. That is why AWL offers customer-specific solutions that help you remain competitive. AWL's solutions are all characterised by their superb performance and easy operation.

Degree of automation
AWL machines emerge as a result of years of experience and intensive development. Choosing an AWL machine is about selecting an innovative, modular welding machine. This gives you, with the assurance of cost effectiveness, trouble-free running and extremely reliable production. AWL offers three different levels of automation.

Semi automatic
When selecting semi-automatic you demand high production levels at low cost. This design features manual insertion with an automatic welding process and positioning.

Fully automatic
Proven technology is combined with high levels of output and flexibility. The welding process is started by entering information into the HMI. It’s as simple as that. Using a fully automatic machine means that you can weld a great variety of products without having to stop the welding process or suffer a reduction in quality.

Complete production lines
When flexibility, high output, efficiency and reliability are essential, AWL can provide you with a complete production line based on proven technology. In order to guarantee that our solutions are both reliable and efficient, it is important to make full use of existing modules where possible. This is because these modules have been proven time after time in many other projects. AWL has a lot of experience in integrating machines and can therefore also guarantee that the logistics operate in line with production. This is called synergy and efficiency.

Modular build
All AWL machines are of a modular construction. This means that we are able to design a machine that fully meets all of your requirements. In doing this, we deploy as many existing building blocks as possible. These include components that have been fully developed, are used frequently and have provided excellent service time and time again. You are guaranteed to receive the appropriate machine for your application, either thanks to the deployment of existing modules (configure-to-order), or through the development of completely new modules (engineering-to-order).

Intuitive HMI
Intuitive HMI (Human Machine Interface) makes the operation of the machine simple. It visualises the information for the operator and indicates whenever an alert or error occurs. The HMI also provides assistance for inserting and removing products. The clear indicators show at a glance the status of the product and the machine.


  • “World class” materials and components
  • Focus on automated handling and logistics
  • High levels of knowledge and in-house skills
  • Extensive portfolio of modules and cells
  • Both “configure-to-order” and “engineering-to-order” available


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customer-specific design in accordance with the latest “state of technology”
  • Reliable, cost-effective solutions
  • Easy and rapid commissioning
  • Rapid realization of the projects concerned