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Within the Heating industry there is a great demand for flexibility and versatility. The large variation in home, office and industrial needs require machines and production lines which are able to fulfill those needs.

With the latest production technologies, materials and logistics, AWL is able to provide high levels of performance, flexibility and product and process quality, regardless of the shape or number of radiators.

From towel radiators to design radiators, AWL has a large number of successful reference projects with regard to the development and realization of innovate welding machines and production lines that provide flexible, efficient and quality solutions for the Heating industry.


  • Excellent product quality
  • Zero defects
  • Large diversity of product variants
  • Standardization for product variants is required
  • Customers’ demands require short delivery times


  • Overall project management by AWL
  • Developed modules and proven technology mean ensured high uptime and reliability
  • Outstanding process and flow control
  • Flexible approach as a system integrator
  • Customized and sophisticated solutions (incl. all required processes)
  • One-stop shopping!



Arbonia is a Swiss company specialised in design radiators

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Zehnder Group offers a range of energy-efficient products for a comfortable and healthy indoor climate

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Heating Company

The Heating Company offers a range of products: steelplate radiators, design radiators, bathroom radiators, floor heating and convectors.

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