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AWL has developed welding solutions for sprinkler tubes. These system solutions provide you with the opportunity to manufacture prefabricated tubing that only remains to be installed on site.

To reduce the loss of lives and damage as a result of fire, more and more sprinkler systems are being fitted in buildings, schools and even houses. AWL helps to save lives by developing automated welding installations for prefab sprinkler tubes. Beside safety, AWL also focuses on the main customer drivers: cost effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility and reliable processes.

The main driver in the production environment is the demand for flexibility, versatility and welding quality. Normally the projects for the sprinkler market are order based, which means a strong focus on high flexibility and small-series production. The architecture of the machine control, the robot controllers and the mechanical philosophy of the installation are the specific items for a successful manufacturing solution.

Due to the versatility of requirements a wide scope of process and product knowledge and a flexible approach by the system integrator is a must. With the latest knowledge of production technologies, materials and logistics, AWL is able to provide very high levels of flexibility and quality, and always fitting customer requirements.

AWL has a large number of successful reference projects with regard to the development and realization of innovate welding machines and complete production lines for the European sprinkler industry.


  • Product quality
  • Process reliability (zero defects)
  • Diversity of product variants
  • Flexibility in manufacturing processes is required
  • Customers’ demands require short delivery times


  • Overall project management by AWL
  • Developed modules and proven technology mean ensured high uptime and reliability
  • Outstanding process and flow control
  • Flexible approach as a system integrator
  • Customized and sophisticated solutions (incl. all required processes)
  • One-stop shopping!



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