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AWL-Techniek constructs welding machines for aluminium spot welding

25 June 2013

Harderwijk, May 2013 - For one of its clients, AWL-Techniek is constructing three machines that can connect aluminium by means of gluing and spot welding; a so far little-used combination. The machines will be used around the world to connect parts for car doors


Hybrid cars are no longer an exception in the automotive industry. Legislation attaches increasingly stricter requirements to the reduction of exhaust fumes (CO2). This has prompted a considerable rise in demand for lighter materials, and developments in the field of connecting have really taken off. AWL already has a lot of experience with aluminium arc welding. However, welding this material with the spot welding method was relatively new until now. The client offered some clear arguments to use this particular technology for this project. One big advantage is the speed; every spot is welded in 180 milliseconds. AWL has successfully realised quality and cycle time within the specifications.


The application of new technologies does of course pose challenges. Compared to steel, aluminium has higher electric and heat conducting capacities, requiring more power. The large amount of power constitutes a higher magnetic field. The welding tongs, robot handling weight and jigs have been adjusted to this.


Henk Strijker, welding and process expert, is very satisfied with the project. This is largely thanks to the excellent collaboration with the client and control supplier. "Before we constructed the machines, we conducted several tests to establish the parameters and to optimise process conditions. The construction of the first two machines went smoothly. We're currently working on the final machine."