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Remote diagnostics

AWL’s remote service over VPN provides a direct link with the machine’s control system for gathering essential breakdown information, as well as fast problem diagnosis and efficient solutions.

With remote service it is possible to look ‘inside’ the control system from a distance and help you diagnose a machine problem. AWL’s remote service supports viewing, monitoring, operating and making backups. The accessible devices in a control system can be a PLC, HMI, robot controller, welding controller or frequency inverter. Therefore it is also possible to make small changes to the control system or weld parameters.

How does it work?

AWL uses a secure connection based on OpenVPN implemented in an industrial VPN router. This allows a secure point-to-point connection from your machine to our dedicated VPN server over the Internet. Strong encryption, certificates and firewalls effectively prevent anyone from misusing the VPN connection. The system is set up in such a way that AWL can only reach the machine’s local network, even though your corporate network is used to make the connection.

There are two ways of setting up a VPN connection between AWL and your machine:

1. A connection from AWL to you. In this case a port must be forwarded in your firewall to reach the VPN router. AWL uses a fixed IP address to connect and this can be used as an extra filter.

AWL Remote Diagnostics VPN Connection

2. A connection from you to the AWL VPN server. In this case you don’t have to open anything in your firewall, just allow the VPN Router to have internet access.

AWL Remote Diagnostics VPN Server

Of course older connection methods like telephone lines or ISDN are also supported. Nevertheless, a significant speed improvement is obtained with VPN over Ethernet.

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