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Solutions General Industry

Our system solutions consist of standard plug & play modules that allow you to tailor your very own system solution. These modules have been further developed thereby providing very economical and reliable state-of-the-art system solutions.

Welding installations office cabinets

We supply both production line concepts and space-saving carousel systems for welding steel cabinets. We integrate the customer’s logistical requirements with...

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Welding installation enclosures

AWL has come up with a range of solutions for enclosures. As standard we supply machine concepts with double index tables and two 6-axis spot welder robots.

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Welding Machine towel radiators

AWL is a key supplier of welding machines for the manufacture of prefabricated parts for radiators.

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Production lines for IBC’s

Depending on the level of automation required, this machine can carry out activities such as pre-working metal, bending, welding and clinching. We guarantee uniform product quality, ...

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