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Advanced cell sprinkler tubes

With AWL’s advanced welding concept you are able to weld sprinkler pipes in an automatic way, ensuring an excellent weld quality and an output of up to one socket per minute.

Unique concepts

Time pressure is an important factor when realizing construction projects. AWL has developed welding solutions for sprinkler pipes. Good prefabrication of these products is essential for quick installation on site.

Furthermore, production should be arranged in project and series-based specifications. One of the concepts AWL has developed for sprinkler pipes is called the 'Advanced' concept.

The 'Advanced' concept is designed for customers needing a high output, different types of pipes and diameters, different types of sockets, but all sockets aligned on the same side of the pipe.

What makes this concept special compared with other AWL concepts?

  • Pipe diameters between 1 inch and 6 inch
  • Socket diameters between 0,5 inch and 4 inch (several sockets for each diameter)
  • 2 robots which are placed on the ground
  • With this machine you are able to weld sprinkler pipes in an automatic way, ensuring an excellent weld quality and an output of up to one socket per minute.

High performance output

This advanced concept has been developed as the standard in automated welding of sprinkler tubes. It is based on a performance of a small mix of pipes with a high output.


Flexibility is important with the manufacture of prefabricated pipes. Each building has its own special requirements. AWL’s machines are designed to work with different ranges of pipe diameters and lengths, as well as with different sockets.

Ease of use

AWL has integrated an HMI panel in the machine, in which the operator only has to enter the requirements of the pipe, such as length, number of sockets, positions of sockets and number of pipes, in order to produce a pipe with those characteristics.


A leaking pipe can be a big problem. With the AWL machines the welds are done by a robot. This allows a weaving to be done while welding, thus making a thicker weld seam. Optionally, the welding system can monitor the welding parameters. If one of the pre-established parameters is out of the defined values, it means that the socket just welded could have a fault. Our system automatically marks the sockets suspected of having a welding error.


Robots are the most common solution for welding in many industries. By integrating commercial elements which have been proven in other industries, AWL brings state-of-the-art equipment to the sprinkler segment.

AWL is a key supplier of welding machines for the manufacture of prefabricated sprinkler pipes.