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Production line design radiators

AWL is a key supplier of welding machines for the manufacture of prefabricated parts for radiators.

If flexibility, high output, efficiency and reliability are required, AWL has developed complete production lines based on proven technology. To achieve reliable and cost-effective solutions, integration of proven modules is necessary.


A radiator consists of multiple parts like:

  • Manifolds
  • Elements (with or without additional waves)
  • Wall brackets
  • Stiffeners

AWL provides solutions for the manufacture of all these components. More importantly AWL, as a system integrator, is capable of integrating the machine components in such a way that a complete production line is formed and a complete radiator is assembled.


Due to the operator-friendly controls, the excellent process control and the optimized logistics, AWL provides you with a machine that delivers an outstanding product, ensuring high up-time and high output.