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WS Adhesive Bonding

Using adhesives or glues as joining agents has really taken off. We are seeing increasing numbers of applications where adhesives are used.

These are mainly to be found in the automotive sector. Hybrid joins are often used in the area of structural adhesive joining. Hybrid joining is a combination of gluing with another type of join, such as spot welding or clinching. This combination offers many advantages and therefore adhesive joins are increasingly made by AWL machines in the
so-called workstations. A growing number of companies are using adhesives for joining specific components in modern aircraft. These adhesives are composed of advanced elements and can join virtually any type of material to every sort of surface. Components that are often glued together include bodywork parts, seats and doors. A proper adhesive join can resist both very high and very low temperatures and provides a solution for the increasing demand towards lower weights


  • Sub-systems of a total solution
  • Reliability
  • Highest quality requirements


  • Compact layout
  • Flexibility
  • Optimal system solutions