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WS Assembly & Logistical operations

AWL designed production lines are regularly reinforced with automatic assembly machines. Insertion automation and automatic screw units are not only interesting in terms of production costs with respect to our machine concepts, but these workstations also achieve high levels of accuracy and quality in the end product.

Logistical operations such as product insertion, form the basis of the automation of production lines and are therefore an essential workstation for AWL total solutions. The reliable, accurate and efficient insertion of products depends on the precise manoeuvres of the items required. Functions such as bunkering, orientating, buffering, positioning and detecting must be carried out quickly, safely and reliably.

Larger and semi-manufactured products are mainly inserted and carried on conveyor belts and nests for positioning purposes. Removing and passing on these products to a workstation such as a welding cell is normally done using a 6-axis robot with a pneumatic clamping system.

For ‘smaller’ components, special insertion units are made with a vibrating basin and conveyor belt as standard. These units sort the products using a workpiece and specially designed behavioural orientation.


  • Sub-systems of a total solution
  • Reliability
  • Highest quality requirements


  • Compact layout
  • Flexibility
  • Optimal system solutions