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WS Flaring

With flaring, a join is made by bending the ends of a tube. The flaring process is applied by AWL on machines that press seat assemblies together. The side members are joined together by way of a cross tube.

These side members are pushed over the tubes using a mandrel and power pack that shape the tube so the side members lock together. In some cases regarding seats, the reshaping is so large that the tube is attached to the side members. In other cases, a (plastic) bearing comes between the side member and the tube, the shaping of the tube is then accurately set by the machine so that the tube can still rotate in the bearing.

The diameter of the flare and the torque required in order to allow the tube to rotate must meet highly accurate specifications. Depending on the needs and wants of the customer, the speed, position and level of force can be set gradually. The limits of the various parameters can also be set so that approval criteria can be used.


  • Sub-systems of a total solution
  • Reliability
  • Highest quality requirements


  • Compact layout
  • Flexibility
  • Optimal system solutions