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Through intensive co-operation with our partner AFPT, we both develop and execute projects using laser welding techniques on fibre reinforced plastics in the automobile and aircraft industries for example.

The range of materials has increased considerably over the last few years. Composite-strengthened materials occur more often, and at AWL these often relate to fully-composite metal-plastic components and products. This also means that the method of joining is evolving. In order to make the most of new opportunities and to continue focussing on welding-process innovation, AWL became a minority shareholder in AFPT in 2007. AFPT is a company engaged in the development of welding plastic components by means of laser. Much testing has taken place in the development lab inGermany since 2007, and AFPT is now ready to complete the composites market. A number of universities have arranged for an installation with this process. Meanwhile, laser welding units are being supplied for a number of composite products. The first commercial installations are being built.