Keeps you ahead in Automated Welding

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The LCC XL Arc Welding Cell has been developed specifically for heavy products and is based on the design of the lean cells, offering flexibility and high output. There is only a limited investment needed. The welding machine includes an automated index table with two jig positions.

The index table rotates, allowing the operator to insert the parts and remove the products on one side, while the robot is busy welding products on the other side. This helps to guarantee higher levels of efficiency. This ergonomically-designed welding cell is simple to implement within your production process.


  • First step in robotics
  • Dimensions of product jigs 2,000 x 1,200 mm (lxw)
  • Max weight per product jig 500 kg
  • Automatic index table
  • Robot driven


  • Plug and play welding cell
  • Quick and simple jig exchange
  • Suited for products with large dimensions
  • Excellent operator safety and ergonomics
  • Transportable with forklift truck