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Smart Arc Cell

Smart Arc Cell

This cell provides the possibility to automate production processes using simple and economic solutions. The index table rotates, allowing the operator to insert the parts and remove the products on one side, while the robot is busy welding products on the other side. This helps to guarantee higher levels of efficiency.

This ergonomically-designed welding cell is simple to implement within your production process. Because of the modular design, various components like robots and index tables can be combined to create the perfect fitting cell with only a limited investment needed. As an option, the cell can be equipped with a welding fixture interchange system. This allows you to combine different products in one cell giving more flexibility in production numbers.


  • One or two robots
  • Cell dimensions L=7100mm W=3560mm H=2300mm
  • Stable base frame


  • Smart modular design
  • Quick and simple fixture interchange
  • High value for money
  • Small footprint
  • Plug and play welding cell
  • Transportable with forklift truck
  • Re-usable modules with smart spot