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Compact Laser Cell

Compact Laser Cell

The compact Laser cell is the ideal solution combining high operator efficiency and low floor space. The Compact laser cell can be used for laser-welding type products, like car seat parts, sub-assemblies and other smaller components.

The compact laser cell combines two loading positions with sliding doors and one laser welding robot. During loading at one position the robot welds at the other. 4 laser tight sliding doors allow the operator to load at one position while the robot welds at the other. This concept is operator-friendly as there is no need for the operator to walk into the cell. Shorter interchange times are also realized resulting in higher output. Accuracy can be achieved as the jigs do not travel in a index table high welding position.



  • Two welding positions – optimal use of the welding robot
  • Product jig measurements: L 1,200 mm: Ø= 1000 mm
  • Max weight per product jig 500 kg
  • Especially suited for smaller products
  • Transportable with forklift truck


  • Extensive options
  • Attractive pricing
  • Small footprint
  • Turn key solution
  • High process accuracy (essential for welding tracks and recliners etc.)
  • Robot and laser source independent
  • Short lost process time (no index table)


Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is a global diversified company in the building and automotive industries.

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