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Laser cell RWS 4 index table

Laser cell RWS 4 index table

The Laser cell RWS 4 is constructed around a quadruple index table. The laser welding process takes place at one position. The other three positions are used for inserting and removing the welded components.

Thanks to the high speed of the laser welding process the Laser cell RWS 4 provides a very flexible solution for linking up the welding process to the logistics. The most common configuration consists of two insertion positions where the components are put into the jig in two steps, followed by the welding position, and finally the automatic removal manipulator.

Production can be done either in 2 or 4 stages. In 2-stage operation insertion occurs at one position and the welding at another, the remaining positions are not used, although they can be utilized for changing over quickly to another type of product.

The table has a quick-change system so that the welding jigs can be exchanged very quickly. This results in downtime being kept to a minimum when the jigs are changed. The Laser cell RWS 4 has already been extensively proven with a number of customers.

The laser welding technology uses the so-called RWS scanner box system. The laser beam is positioned in the working area of the jig by way of freely programmable mirrors. The RWS employs a 2.5D working area. The smart air-flow management system ensures optimal welding quality and process speeds.


  • Servo-driven index table
  • Quick-exchange system for jigs
  • Air treatment system for the laser welding process
  • 2.5D flexibility
  • Manual component input


  • Quick and flexible jig changes
  • Freely programmable welding forms
  • 2 or 4-stage operation
  • Compact layout
  • Proven system (installed base)
  • Great flexibility