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Basic Spot Welding Cell

Basic Spot Welding Cell

This advanced welding cell is suitable for high levels of output and complex product operating conditions. As standard the welding cells are fitted with remote diagnosis and 'high level’ operating system software, thereby allowing for complex control and data management. The welding cells are erected on stable base frames.

An automatic index table rotates allowing the operator to insert the parts and remove the products on one side, while two robots are busy welding the products on the other side. This cell is PLC driven and is therefore extremely advanced and reliable, offering the utmost safety.


  • Suitable for both small and large(r) products
  • Stable base frame
  • PLC control with 'high level’ operating system software
  • Product jig dimensions: L= 2000 mm : Ø= 1200 mm (Optional: larger dimensions)
  • Max weight per product jig: 350 kg per side
  • Fitted for remote diagnosis


  • Short cycle times and high welding capacity
  • Complex control and OEE/data management possible
  • Intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Excellent operator safety and ergonomics
  • Can easily be expanded with additional logistical elements