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Hybrid Multi Spot Welding Cell

Hybrid Multi Spot Welding Cell

The hybrid Multi Spot Welding Cell is the optimal solution for the resistance welding of complex products. This welding cell is very suitable for combinations of resistance and arc welding processes. The Multi Spot Welding Cell is fitted with an automatic index table.

This allows the operator to enter the components on one side, while two robots weld the products on the other side. A handling robot then removes the welded product for an additional welding step without the welding jig needing to be used. Only one production run is required for this. The product can be removed immediately if this last step is not required.


  • Integrated handling robot
  • PLC control with high quality operating software
  • Product measurements: L= 2000 mm : Ø= 1200 mm (Optional: larger dimensions)
  • Max weight per product jig: 500 kg per side
  • Suitable for remote diagnosis


  • Several welding processes in just one production step
  • High welding capacity thanks to automatic removal
  • Complex control and OEE data management is possible
  • Intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Extremely safe and ergonomically designed for the operator