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Smart Spot Cell

The smart Spot cell is a modular design on which a variety of components can be combined. Robots from ABB, Fanuc, Kuka or Motorman can be combined with low or heavy duty index tables and simple or advanced operator controls and safety allowing us to offer you the perfect fitting cell at an attractive price.

An automatic index table rotates allowing the operator to insert the parts and remove the products on one side, while the one or two robots are busy welding the products on the other side. This ergonomically-designed welding cell is simple to implement within your production process. As an option, the cell can be equipped with a jig exchange system. This allows you to combine different products in one cell giving more flexibility in production numbers.


  • One or two robots
  • Jigs L=2000mm Ø1200mm=500kg
  • Cell dimensions L=8250mm W=4200mm H=2900mm


  • Smart modular design
  • Quick and simple jig exchange
  • Minimum investment (Flexible lay-out options)
  • Extensive options
  • Plug and play welding cell
  • Component re-use, scalable



Magna designs, develops and manufactures automotive systems, assemblies, modules and components.

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