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AWL the employer

AWL is an innovative, European company in the field of automated welding. We are welding specialists and system integrators who construct high-tech automated welding machines for the international manufacturing industry.

Our professionals

Our customers demand very high standards in our products. We therefore work with people who can meet these exacting requirements. Professionals who combine thinking, acting and innovation in the workplace will find many challenging possibilities here at AWL.

Our organization

Approximately 250 people work at AWL. A varied collection of managers, robot programmers, project and cost engineers and they all have one thing in common: the desire to be number one in the development of robotic welding machines. AWL is innovative, progressive and strongly customer and solution oriented in the area of jointing technology. The AWL team can be characterised as a Smart, Reliable Partner.

Our products and services

We design, execute and construct production systems mainly for resistance welding, arc welding and laser welding machines. We dedicate ourselves to finding solutions that will provide our customers with the ability to make the right choices. We carry out the complete machine design process, construction, integration and commissioning at the customer’s location. Machines are ready to run after delivery to the customer. As well as constructing machines, we also provide services for the machines delivered. This includes maintenance, repairs, training and the supply of spare parts.

Our customers

AWL works for international customers operating at ‘World class’ level, including the automotive supply industry, the storage industry and the construction industry. We have supplied machines all over the world with the focus on Europe.


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